I was very impressed with your installation procedure. It's simple, clear and intuitive... Nicely done.

When I tried my first test question, it worked the first time!

I then went on to try the same question, but with the reply style set to graph. I've recently begun experimenting with Access graphs for the first time, so I was extremely impressed to see the ease (and speed!) with which ELF produced an (interactive!) bar graph from that simple question. I think it's the coolest part of the whole program. --Joseph Lindner, USA

Very impressed with the results it produces... To be able to simply type in a simple statement and be able to get the data you want will be a great benefit for end users. --Brent Roholt, USA

Cool stuff! --Chong Chong Yew, Malaysia

I am very impressed by the overall look and feel and the stability of the package. --John Lockhart, New Zealand

Very good all-around product. Thanks again. --Norman Mosher, USA

I have only one word for Access ELF: EXCELLENT. It has been the fastest and the easiest I have ever been able to make a query. The product is excellent. --G de Swardt, South Africa

Thank you for your help and for creating such a solid product. --Steven Paplanus, USA

I sense that your program is epic and destined for something great. --Donald Siwek, USA

VB ELF: Pigs Fly!

I'm certainly going to try to pursuade the colleges I work for to buy Access Elf -- it'll make teaching SQL so much easier! --Stephen Glynn, England

I can see that it's going to come in very handy for attaching to programs which I distribute, as well as for my own use. --Eric Robertson, USA

I really like your product! --James Murphy, USA

This was the one tool that made my job immensely easy. Once again, thanks. --Peter O'Connor, England

(About our Form Design tool, now part of Access ELF 2.0)

Discussion on English Query by Microsoft was an eyeopener. Agree with you in totality , market is getting flooded with shoddy substitutes. --Mukesh Rao

First off, thank you for the complete and rapid response! I deal with a lot of different technical support groups and I rarely receive as thorough a response, especially in such a short time. Your fix worked great, and I can now distribute my app for testing! --Jon McIlwaine

Your software is first class, very easy to install and use. I forced myself to restrain the use of any SQL and found ELF to be very intelligent. --Terry Dowdall

Last Updated: August, 2009