Access ELF XP Documentation

Complete documentation of every feature of our newest Access ELF release.

Access ELF Tutorials

1) Northwind Tutorial
This example shows how simple an Access ELF installation can be when working from a well-structured database whose fields and tables are already named with meaningful English words.

2) Hollywood Tutorial
An example of creating an interface using queries, rather than direct table references. This is how we built the Hollywood Web demo, which answers questions about Oscar-winners.

Downloadable Example Database (MDB)

Here's the BOOKS.MDB database we discuss elsewhere, with over a hundred example questions illustrating the use of Access ELF's advanced features.

Case Study

Getting advanced graphs for a medical reporting application using VB ELF.

VB ELF Tutorials

Specific information related to VB ELF will be added in the near future. As most features of Access ELF are mirrored in the VB ELF product, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the Access ELF tutorials in the meantime.

VB ELF Developer's Document (release 2.1) HTML
VB ELF Developer's Document (release 2.1) Download (MS Word)

We'll also review some of the main special considerations for using VB ELF where they differ from the related topic of Access ELF.

Additional capabilities

Web Data Service & Web Graphics

Last Updated: August, 2009