VB ELF Configurations and Licensing Options

VB ELF is available in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of everyone, from those who just need a quick way to get info from their database, to database administrators planning deployment of corporate information over the World Wide Web.

Here is an outline of the basic configurations. If you have special needs or requirements, please contact us and we'll be happy to work with you to meet your special needs.


VB ELF Web Server Edition, package cost $1099.
This package includes Developer's Edition Deluxe and an additional
Internet / Intranet Server License for 1 Web server.
Of course, unless you have installations in several cities, one Web server is usually all you need to make your databases available to the entire world using natural language query.

The Deluxe Edition of the software includes OLE-server, OCX, source code & subscription to VB ELF Developer's Bulletin. The OLE-server is generally the only software component you will use, since it interfaces directly with ASP via VB Script. However, OCXs are included for embedding the ELF language engine in redistributable .exe programs. (All versions of VB ELF, except the single-user stand-alone version, allow you to redistribute our language engine as part of your value-added software.)

The mechanics of connecting to your database and enabling ad hoc query are very simple, less than a page of code. And we're happy to help with examples and trouble-shooting while you get started, at no charge.

The VB ELF Bulletin includes continuing updates to our software (subject to price change).

VB Programmer's Version, plus 1 Web Server license, package cost $959
Include OLE-server natural language interface only.
If you plan to work entirely in Visual Basic, you may not need the OCXs. Both Visual Basic and VB Script can work with the OLE-server directly by using the "New" keyword or the CreateObject() function. The most economical way to get your English-enabled data on the Web. Does not include either source code or updates.

Developer's Deluxe Edition, package cost $499
Includes OLE-server, OCX, source code & subscription to VB ELF Developer's Bulletin. This version permits you to embed the software in your own database applications for redistribution. Use the direct interface to our OLE server from Visual Basic 4.0 (32-bit), Visual Basic 5.0 or Visual Basic 6.0. If you are working in C, C++, Delphi or another language that does not support direct access to OLE-servers, use one of the OCXs which act as "wrappers" for our engine. Does not include Web/Intranet license.

Developer's Edition, package cost $429
Includes OLE-server and OCX versions (without source).
We highly recommend purchasing the source, just for the extra peace of mind, but it's your choice.

VB Programmer's Version, package cost $329
All you need to add natural language capability to your database applications, for one low cost (excludes Internet/Intranet server applications). Connect from any 32-bit version of Visual Basic and build ad hoc query into your database projects with just a few lines of code.

Single-user version, package cost $239
Stand-alone executable program, suitable for the database hobbyist or as an evaluation copy.

Last Updated: September, 1999