VB ELF Developer's Document, Version 2.1

Welcome to the world of ELF Natural Language Querying! Before we dive into the technical considerations, just a few words to suggest why you should spend the time to familiarize yourself with the ELF (English Language Frontend) system.

Have you ever seen a computer system that lets you type: "Graph the low, high and close for Microsoft's stock on December 25th of each year." -- then goes ahead and does it? ELF can.

It can also generate the highly complex SQL needed to answer such queries as "Which of our customers have ordered more than the average number of products?" or "Which albums are available in both cassette and CD formats?" In other words, no matter what your data looks like, there's a good chance that ELF will handle the kinds of queries that you -- and your end users -- need answered every day.

VB ELF Installation, Compilation and Integration
     Legal Requirements of Use
     Required Components
     Compiling VB ELF under Visual Basic 6.0
     Stand-alone version:
     Redistributable Files:
     Compiling VBELFOLE.EXE under Visual Basic 6.0
     Compiling the sample client for VBELFOLE.EXE (OLE_DEMO)
     Creating an OCX Version of VB ELF
     Building the sample OCX-client program, "VBOCX_DEMO"
     Importing the ELF OCX into a Delphi Project

ODBC Considerations
OCX Programming Interface Definitions
Custom display formats
Tips for developers

Distributing your ELF applications

Version 2.1 Release Notes; November 1999

Last Updated: August, 2009