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This is an expired page.

As of June 1st, 2012, Access ELF XP has been superseded by Access ELF 2010 for Microsoft Access 2010, and Access ELF 2007 for Microsoft Access 2007.

Access ELF XP can be freely downloaded, shared and reposted.
All features of our Access XP utility are unlocked, except the interface builder.

To download Access ELF 2002
(for Microsoft Access 10.0):
File Desc: Natural language query interface (and much more) for Access 10.0
File Size: 5,098,673 Bytes
File Date: 4-15-2002
To install, download and run run ACCELFXP.EXE

Because Access ELF XP is backward-compatible with Microsoft Access 2000, 
this April 2002 release updates and replaces Access ELF 2000. 
All registered users of Access ELF 2000 (or Access ELF 97) can use their
license keys to unlock the interface builder features of Access ELF XP.

With Access ELF XP we're adopting a new, much more flexible licensing policy.
Any licensed Access ELF user may now share the plain-English query interfaces 
they create -- with friends, customers or anyone they choose. 
Download Access ELF XP Help file only.

Please see our Redistribution Policy for details on sharing and distributing Access ELF interfaces.

Last Updated: June, 2012