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About Access ELF Window

The About Access ELF window displays the following information:

  • Name and release date of this version of the software
  • Software description (English Language Frontend for Microsoft Access)
  • License status
  • License key entry link
  • Link to Help topic concerning redistribution and license issues
  • Add-In directory finder link
  • Technical and business contacts
  • Company name, address and Web location
  • Online location of primary software distribution partners

The license status will show up as one of the following three captions:
This software is Unregistered.
This software is Registered.
This software is in Demo Mode.

When the software is unregistered, you are still free to use any of its non-natural language query features, such as the form design utility, and Worksheet display of tables and queries, including graph views, calendar-based views and hierarchy views. You can also use the SQL Text window to key-in and execute multi-statement SQL commands, and use the Worksheet to step through the result sets.

The only part of the program you will not be able to use (with your own databases) is the Analysis feature. Since you won't be able to run an anlysis of your data, the natural language query portion of Access ELF won't work. However, you can still use an unregistered copy of Access ELF to ask natural language questions of either Microsoft's Northwind database or any database which has been distributed along with an ELF interface created by a licensed user.

After you have acquired and entered a valid license key, the software becomes Registered. You can then run analyses of your own databases and proceed to make natural language inquiries. You also have full rights to distribute copies of your interfaces to friends, customers or anybody else, along with any databases you distribute (or for publicly available databases).

If you are working with an interface that has been distributed by a license user, whether or not you own a license key, the software will show up as Registered. While working with that specific database, you will be able to use any and all features of Access ELF, including rerunning the analysis using any of the analysis customization methods.

The Demo Mode flag appears when Access ELF is being used with the Microsoft Northwind database published by Microsoft along with Microsoft Access. This database is available from the Office10\Samples subdirectory.

The Add-In directory link will indicate the location of the elf32.mda library file which is the source code for Access ELF. You are free to inspect, or modify this code for your own use. Redistribution of any modified library is restricted by terms set forth in the Redistribution topic.

It's also helpful to know the location of the library in case the software needs to be uninstalled (or reinstalled). Access ELF cannot be reinstalled (or upgraded) using the Microsoft Access Add-In Manager unless it has first been deleted from the Add-In directory (Microsoft\AddIns). See the Installation topic for more details.

Last Updated: August, 2009