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Access ELF Analysis Editor Window

The Analysis Editor is a debugging utility of most interest to the ELF Software developers who have access to the internals of the system. In very few cases is it recommended that you directly modify the values in the Analysis table.

One original purpose of the Analysis table itself was to speed up re-analysis of databases by storing past decisions, leaving Access ELF free to concentrate on transferring current data from the database into the lexicon. The enormous increase in chip speeds in recent years, combined with new features such as the Synchronization facility, make this an obsolete feature for practical purposes.

On the other hand, another one of the prime goals of this window was to give Access ELF users the ability to do precise customization. As the features and capabilities of the software have increased, it has become both more difficult and more important to provide robust customization capabilities. As outlined in our technology plan (see the general FAQ), this will be the focus of much of our future efforts. We also believe that the addition of scripting technology in version 3.0 has already solved many of the most pressing customization issues.

More information about the Analysis Editor, and the process of creating, modifying, and if necessary deleting elfAnalysis tables can be found in the Save Analysis checkbox subtopic of the Custom Analysis window.

Last Updated: August, 2009