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Access ELF Context-Sensitive Help

Beginning with Access ELF 2002, we now support a new context-sensitive help system which should help you learn about the features and capabilities of Access ELF more quickly than ever.

Please read this short note. It will save you time!

To find out more about any feature of Access ELF, click the Question Mark located on the title bar of the form containing the control which manages the particular feature. The cursor will change from an arrow to a special "Tell Me More" image (arrow plus question-mark). Use this "Tell Me More" cursor to point at the check box, text, drop-down box or button that you want explained, and click the left mouse button. This will open our Help system to a page which discusses the selected feature in detail.

If the Office Assistant appears, instead of the Help topic you need, you may be clicking on the label describing the control, rather than the control itself. Clicking a check box when the cursor is in "Tell Me More" mode won't change the value of the checkbox. It's OK to click any control when the cursor shows an arrow plus question-mark, without affecting the current settings.

To return to your place in the program after consulting Help, close the Help window by pressing <Alt-F4> or by clicking the Close menu item or Close button.

If there is no Question Mark icon on the title bar, click the Help button on the Access ELF toolbar. This will take you to information about the form or window currently in use.

To save space and speed downloads, this version has no graphics. Check the ELF Software Resources page for Help applications including images. We apologize for any references herein to missing illustrations.

Last Updated: August, 2009