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Welcome to Access ELF 2002 Help. This April 2002 release of Access ELF is designed for use with Microsoft Access XP, and is fully backward-compatible with Microsoft Access 2000.

The Access ELF On-Line Help is broken up into several sections. After the preface (containing this Overview, installation notes and tips on using Help), comes Understanding Access ELF. This features some introductory material designed to help you understand what Access ELF can and can't do. There's also a topic which walks through a sample session using Microsoft's Northwind database. And a page on some of the cool features of Access ELF that aren't related to its "claim to fame" -- which is, of course, creating SQL queries from plain-English questions.

After that, there's an easy-to-use "Topic Finder" and a FAQ (frequently asked questions guide).

The next section, Topics, provides a subject-by-subject review of the different logical parts of the Access ELF program. This is a good way to start getting acquainted with our software.

The following section is a Form By Form listing of features, tips, tricks and gotchas. These pages are the destinations for the Web Help feature of Access ELF. For instance, if you're in Worksheet mode and click on the Help button of the Access ELF toolbar, you'll be taken directly (via your Web Browser) to the Worksheet.htm help page in our "Form By Form" documentation section.

Finally, there's an extended set of What's This pages, documenting in detail the controls found on each window, with specific, cross-linked examples of how each is used. Each What's This page can also be accessed via the Context-Sensitive Help, launched by clicking the titlebar ? icon, then any control.

Click on the "+" symbol in the tree in the left panel of this Help application to open a Table of Contents for any of these sections.

Last Updated: August, 2009