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With Version 4.0, we're adopting a new policy on redistribution of Access ELF software. Microsoft Access developers may now redistribute Access ELF with their Access projects, with no charge or royalties. In fact, Access ELF will be freely downloadable from our Web site.

However, the Analysis functions of Access ELF will not work without a license key, which is what you acquire when you purchase an Access ELF license. This means that licensed users can create and use their own natural language interfaces. They can also freely distribute these interfaces, along with their databases, to customers and any other interested parties. Databases and interfaces can also be distributed by posting on the Internet. The Access ELF software itself may be freely re-posted.

The only unit which can not be redistributed is the License Key, which grants the purchaser alone the right to create natural language database interfaces using Access ELF.

Note that unlicensed users will be able to use all the features of the fully registered Access ELF product in order to customize their version of a redistributed interface, if they wish. All customizations (including lexicon editing, phrase definitions and scripting) can be applied by licensed and unlicensed users alike, once they have an interface created by a licensed user.

In addition, all features of Access ELF without exception work on the Northwind sample database distributed by Microsoft along with Microsoft Access. This is intended to help you decide whether Access ELF offers the kind of natural language query power you need with your own database projects.

Redistribution, rights and limitations

The Access ELF 2002 installation file may be freely circulated, downloaded, posted to shareware services, or transmitted in any other way.

Any License Key acquired from ELF Software or vendor partners must be held in confidence and may not be shared with another party.

Modified elf32.mda libraries may be distributed only to specific parties (such as your clients) who have been instructed not to distribute them generally. They may not be posted on freeware boards or otherwise made available for unlimited redistribution.

The @Design Tool form contained within the elf32.mda library file may be imported/exported at will. This is a self-contained freeware Microsoft Access form design utility which ELF Software has explicitly placed in the public domain.

Last Updated: August, 2009